We convert your
ideas into furniture

When implementing your ideas, we use a wide variety of materials in combination with wood. This includes various types of metal and leather, fittings and suitable upholstery in harmony with the chosen type of wood. The ideal combination should be the result – in favour of aesthetics and originality.

We embrace the challenges to develope ourself

The most important part of our know-how has the long proven design and production experience. In addition, there is our desire to learn more about carpentry all the time. Our team of engineers and specialists is characterized by a striving for continuous improvement. The use of modern techniques and software brings us steadily forward.

Solid wood offers uniqueness

Solid wood furniture not only enhances the interior, but is also beautiful. Each piece of wood is characterised by a unique texture and colour, is natural and healthy. Wood is a multi-dimensional material: in addition to its shape, texture and special colours, a piece of furniture has a pleasant smell, a special feel and an acoustic effect. Houses with wood details are perceived as very comfortable and cosy. 

Improven construction and production experience

In addition to our craftsmanship skills, we have developed additional skills to deliver perfect products to our customers. These include the technical development of products and projects, the selection of materials, the construction of prototypes, solid wood production, various finishing processes, the use of advanced technologies such as CNC milling and others.


Storage furniture

Seating furniture