Solid wood parts

We manufacture solid wood parts from the best materials and meet the specific requirements of our customers.

Building chairs is a very complex task. Our constructions are based on the joints that withstand all stress tests. 

Ideal conditions ​

Our production is focused on the manufacturing of smaller quantities of high-quality furniture. With a production area of 1500 m2 and a storage area of 2700 m2 we have optimal conditions both for keeping the materials ready and for ensuring stable temperature conditions for furniture production.

In the raw material warehouse there is a continuous humidity control. Our great team, ranging from experts from the “old school” to newcomers of the younger generation, meets the requirements to handle even the most complicated tasks. 

Solid wood tabletops​

Whether standard tables or customer-specific solutions – we implement them.

Perfect choice of wood

Each piece of furniture is made of carefully selected and assembled woods. Each tree already has its own registration number in the warehouse and the boards are used in such a way that the raw material used comes from a single trunk and harmonises perfectly in the appearance of the tabletop.


With small and fine objects interiors can receive unusual accents. We therefore pay special attention to details on a very small scale. Thanks to our excellent craftsmanship and implementation possibilities, we are able to meet the requirements of both – beauty and function. 

Handicrafts at the highest level

Maximum attention is paid to every detail.

Veneering and varnishing ​

Our desire to offer the best quality is also based on the careful selection of the highest quality veneer woods – with special attention to surface texture and color shades. The final surface treatment is optimally matched.

Our goal is the perfect product ​

The balanced mixture thru the play of colors in connection with the final surface treatment and lacquers, in addition to form and function, make up the character of the furniture. We do testing before applying to the final product. Here the smallest nuance plays a major role and therefore, must be tested before application. 

Upholstered parts and substructure​

In order to create stable upholstered elements, we use robust, durable and sustainable materials of various types. The mouldings we use are fully recyclable to protect the environment.

Special software​

State-of-the-art software enables us to create and process almost any shape. We use CNC machines to saw or cut the elements of very complicated substructures. Sophistication in designing intelligent details is the key to building original and creative masterpieces with upholstery.