our competence:

- development, prototype building
- solid wood manufacturing
- veneering and covering
- CNS milling
- sanding works
- surface treatment
- metal works
- assembling
- packaging for logistics on POS
- logistics and export

Through the years of the experience, we have built high level of competence. More important is that our competence is being constantly developed in every aspect of furniture design and production. We can offer a considerable number of services, because we are able to perform a great range of manufacturing operations with proficiency.


With the aim of developing our skills comprehensively and at a high level, we are constantly expanding our know-how through a great deal of commitment and hard practical work, through special training courses and internships, in order to make advanced progress.


When it comes to very complex objects and creative technical solutions, we can provide you with prototypes to analyze shapes, details, materials and constructions. In prototype construction, every joint, form or element is studied and thought through.

Solid wood production

Craftsmanship gives us the opportunity to design beautiful furniture and interiors. Clever and visible details are an important part of aesthetics. Unique textures and nuances tell lively stories. Balanced shapes are in harmony with the nature of this beautiful material. We are able to supply our production with the best quality woods. Materials such as native oak and bog oak are not only very original and beautiful, but they are also very strong and durable. In addition, we manufacture with various types of walnut, ash, birch, pine, elm and other solid woods.

Veneers and surfaces

Various types of veneer undergo a rigorous selection process before being used. Only very high quality veneers are used. In addition, we carefully select the panels and the appropriate adhesive. The veneering processes are extremely complex, but play a very important role in the production of high quality parts. That’s why we use our best craftsmen.

CNC milling

Thanks to state-of-the-art CNC machines and the associated technology, we are able to create and multiply very complex shapes. Tight production deadlines are no problem and with the help of sophisticated software, forms of unimaginable dimensions can now be created quickly and easily.

Sanding work

 Without the “final touch”, the products are raw and incomplete. The skilled eyes and hands of our finishing department staff give life to the products. Perfection and quality are even more important at this stage than before and we pay the utmost attention to this task in order to complete the production perfectly. We use different types of abrasive paper and machines. 

Surface treatment

After grinding, the product is ready for final surface treatment. We select paints, varnishes and processes very carefully. The perfect selection is made through the process of sample creation and comparison. A very modern equipment and a good eye of our painters lead to a perfect final product.


We have also been manufacturing metal components for several decades. We design and produce individually manufactured metal elements and furniture fittings of varying complexity. Special welding, bending and cutting techniques, thanks to modern processes and rich experience, enable us to produce original shapes and structures of high quality.


Depending on the fragility of the elements and the complexity of the connection, the assembly is carried out in different ways. It is carried out manually with high precision. Thanks to the technical development of each element and the quality of the components, the joints are very practical and easy to assemble.


At the end of the manufacturing process of a product, packaging and shipping preparation follow. Their importance is very high to avoid any kind of damage or destruction during transport. The product must appear neat and tidy and fully prepared for the customer. Therefore we carry out very strict controls in the processes of packaging of products. In addition, we select high-quality materials and a sophisticated design. We offer not only safe and stable, but also aesthetically attractive packaging.

Logistics and export

Our sales and logistics team has extensive experience in organising transport. This includes the preparation of shipping documents for import and export, correspondence with customs authorities and the follow-up of the goods on their way to our customers with the aim of avoiding mistakes and delays.