Our team -
our most important asset

It is our belief that a good performance in the production and coordination of all processes is not possible without a good team. We therefore insist on team building based on friendship and friendly atmosphere. Our team leaders are compassionate and considerate. We are continuously building strong and healthy relationships between our employees to achieve the best results.


We strive to keep pace with modern manufacturing technologies in order to accomplish the best quality. We constantly search for new ideas, methods, techniques, tools, skills, etc. Our team eagerly develops its performances, and therefore we are fully prepared for new challenges.

Our carpenter:

Our team consist of highly skilled craftsmen, our carpenters. All of them were trained for years under several different mentors at various tasks associated with the trade. Some of them have great experience and master level skill. Moreover, since we strongly believe in coming generations our team also includes the apprentices mentored by highly skilled carpenters.

Our engineers:

Important part of our team are our engineers, educated and competitive professionals. They perform engineering knowledge in product and technology development. For the best productivity our engineering is very innovative. Using of 2D and 3D models, made by CAD-based software and with the help of CNC machine and skilled carpenters, is our method for efficiency and accuracy. In consistent pursuit for technology upgrades, our engineers tend to keep best service quality.

Our back office and book keeper:

Important to mention is out back office and bookkeeping team. They provide a great support to our mission. A great responsibility is given to those professionals who are running the company and our finances behind the scene. They provide managerial, financial and HR help to the rest of the company.